When we talk about innovation, are we sure we are all talking about the same things?

Live at the OLC Innovate 2018 conference, six experimental films about the future of academic innovation

Defining Innovation is the digital augment to a museum installation exploring the past, present and future of academic innovation. First launched at the Online Learning Consortium's Innovate conference, Defining Innovation is designed to provide a foundation for deciphering the innovation concept/buzzword. Rather than accepting the dominant cultural assumptions of innovation or assuming innovation is bound in hype, the six experimental films are designed to challenge educators, scholars & practitioners to rethink what constitutes innovation as a product, process, value or other interpretation.

The digital footprint of Defining Innovation affords the project the opportunity to grow, and continue to track the course of academic innovation as a sociocultural phenomenon. The 2016 and 2017 Defining Innovation installations addressing the past and present of academic innovation are in the process of joining the 2018 future experimental films, providing a learning resource on an often-used, rarely-defined concept.